JULY 24, 2023



Thank you for your interest in being a food or non-food vendor for Carroll RAGBRAI. More than 25,000 visitors will be spending the night in Carroll on Monday, July 24th, 2023, and they will be ready for good food, cold drinks, and fun finds! Many Carroll residents will be enjoying the experience as well. You can download the vendor information packet/application below. We look forward to having you join us in the RAGBRAI experience!


The Process

Any organization or business wishing to be a food/non-food vendor for Carroll’s RAGBRAI celebration must first submit the “Food/Non-Food List & Electrical Request”, along with the applicable vendor fee, electric fee (if needed), clean-up deposit, and proof of insurance.

These items are due no later than May 31. Applications received after this date are not ensured of approval and are subject to a $250 late fee. Application and fees can be mailed to: Lynda Dukes Franey PO Box 886, Carroll IA, 51401

If your application is approved, you must then contact Taylor Boyle Hageman at the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals to determine if you need a temporary county license. Her contact information is: [email protected] or (515) 314-8049.

*Food vendors are responsible for applying for and obtaining their license. (Event organizers do not issue food licenses to sell food.)

Contact Lynda Dukes Franey at 712.830.2189 or [email protected]


The Basic Application Process:

– Submit the “Food Items List and Electrical Request document
– Submit payment for RAGBRAI vendor fee, electric fee, clean-up deposit and insurance certificate
– Food Committee will contact you between June 1 and June 15
– Once accepted as a vendor: Submit payment for Temporary County license
– Attend required Food Safety meeting (to be held in June 2023)

The Food Committee recommends that every non-profit and for-profit organization take enough time planning for this event. The groups that plan well and have something creative will do very well. As we plan for this event to be a winning situation for the whole community, please consider purchasing your supplies locally.

According to RAGBRAI officials, most of the riders and other participants will plan where they are going to eat the night before they arrive in Carroll. Therefore, all approved vendors will be listed on the food vendor map, on the website map, and in the official publicity tabloid as well as have shuttle access.

Current Food Establishments (in/on current premise): May also be included on the map, on the website map and on tabloid map and receive shuttle access for a fee of $300.

All vendors will be required to show proof of liability insurance. A copy of the insurance policy must be on file with Carroll RAGBRAI.

There will be a required food safety meeting for all food vendors to ensure the safety of the public. Once you have been accepted as an official vendor you will be notified of the date and time.

Booth set up may begin as early as 7:00 A.M. on Monday, July 24. Booths MUST BE SET UP and ready for inspection by 10:00 A.M. on Monday, July 24. Inspections by the Inspections and Appeals Department will begin at 10:00 A.M. Food Vendors will not have a specific inspection time assigned to them. You must be ready for inspection.

RAGBRAI participants will start arriving before noon. All vendors must be set up by 10 A.M. This will allow enough time for inspections and ensure that Carroll is ready to take care of the early participants. You should plan on being very busy between 4:00 –7:30 p.m. This is when most participants eat their evening meal. RAGBRAI officials recommend that food vendors plan on being open later to meet the needs of the participants. It is your decision on how long you plan to be open for business. Activities will be occurring until midnight.

Ice will be readily available to purchase in the vendor area downtown. When setting up, please make a note of where the ice is located.

It will be up to each group to set their own prices. Our committee will be happy to assist you in making recommendations. All registered RAGBRAI participants will have a wristband. We recommend that a lesser price be charged to RAGBRAI participants with a wristband.

We require that all food vendors clean up their areas before they leave. You must provide your own trash can at your booth. We recommend that each vendor schedule a cleanup crew to help clean up their area. All vendors must have their booths cleaned and moved by 12:30 a.m. Tuesday July 25 unless prior arrangements are made with the committee.




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