JULY 24, 2023



More than 25,000 visitors will be coming to Carroll for RAGBRAI on July 24, 2023, and hundreds of volunteers are needed to make the day a success! Volunteer opportunities are available before, during, and after the Big Day for all ages and interests.

Your time and talents are greatly appreciated. This is an amazing opportunity to get involved in the community and be a great ambassador for Carroll. Together we will make the Carroll overnight stop one the RAGBRAI community will never forget!

Fill out the form below to indicate which committees/volunteer opportunities you are interested in. The deadline to sign up to volunteer is June 24. We will do our best to assign duties based on your requests, but it is not guaranteed.


Below are short descriptions of some of the volunteer opportunities available.

(Click here for the full Volunteer Opportunity descriptions.)

Contact Katie Kruse at 712.790.9670 or [email protected]

Place and remove signs, sell T-shirts, welcome riders, shake hands, and share your hospitality!

Distribute maps, answer questions, provide directions, and refer to services.

Sell tickets, serve beverages, and check I.D.s for age-restricted areas.

Stake sites, direct riders and drivers in setting up, and patrol campground boundaries. After riders leave, remove stakes and signage and do a general clean up of anything left in the campground areas.

Distribute posters on bicycle safety throughout the community during May-July. Travel the route 4-5 days in advance to distribute flyers and make note of any roadway concerns, and travel the route to the next overnight town on Tuesday to pick up route markers and other signage.

Answer questions, provide route maps, and refer to activities in town.

Set up and empty trash receptacles throughout the day. Monitor fresh water availability for food vendors and gray water disposal from food vendor booths.

Over 15,000 riders will stay overnight in town. More than 1,500 are looking for private camping or home locations. Anyone in the area can help. You can offer parking for a motorhome, yard area for tents, floor space, or beds.

Click here to sign up to host!

Coordinate available shower locations for riders with various organizations.

Coordinate publicity prior to the event and work with media prior to and during the event. Four sub-groups work under the Publicity Committee: Signs, Marketing/Media, Maps, and the Speakers Bureau.

Manage Carroll RAGBRAi website and social media content. Must have knowledge of setting up a website. Should be very creative.

Coordinate volunteers to assist in various areas both prior and during the event. Arrange for total community involvement, from kindergarteners to people in nursing homes. Work with volunteers from the start and keep them involved through the day RAGBRAI arrives.

Assist with the distribution and sale of ice to vendors, beverage garden, and possible RAGBRAI participants.

Coordinate entertainment and special events to take place, from special rider involvement contents to bands during the RAGBRAI visit as well as any special events.

Coordinate all communication during RAGBRAI.

Arrange transportation from campgrounds to entertainment, food service, and showers. Arranges vehicles including golf carts and gators. Set up route schedules and recruit drivers, hosts, and hostesses. Secure parking areas.

We will have various age-appropriate volunteer opportunities for youth in this age group. Must be responsible young individuals. Youth who volunteer are eligible to earn Silver Cord hours. Duties may include but are not limited to serving water, face painting, assisting at the bike rodeo and bike valet, etc.




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